Our House, Is A Very, Very, Very Fine House

Meet our new home. I lovingly call it the Hobbit House. When we were looking at umpteen, nicknames helped us to remember which was which.

Built in 1936 and packed with loads of character. Walking distance to a small downtown and even closer to parks. I could just hug this place.


Inside pictures to come next year at some point.

Picture Pages

Dear Olan Mills,

We had to cheat on you with a professional photographer.

This weekend we finally took some photos as a unit. Ya know, I was tired of the ‘here’s Ryder and dad, Ryder and Mom, Ryder and Indy…’ We needed one of the group. Alica over at A Thousand Words Photography was fantastic to work with. Super easy, super quick (most important when keeping a babe happy), and we were able to play outside.

Here’s a few of our faves! Now, the important part of actually printing them.

Andrew dressed us all, for the record.


DSC_4383-1 (1)





On My Mind


My hair has entered a whole new time zone of its own. HMT. Humid eastern time.
There’s nothing like purchasing a house and a new car in a week.
I guess that’s what you get when you sell your house and a car in a week.
I have shinsplints from driving; foot is not used to the gas pedal.
Spending time with the husband has been great for my diet. He’s always around so I can’t sneak anything.
I still wonder the aisles at Target in sheer disbelief.
Thunderstorms are fun, except when you’re traveling in them…with a baby.
My daybook has never been this full. Mother f*r.
Why can’t I plan a vacation? See above.

Six Month Anniversary


Age: 6 months
Weight: 16.5

Milestones: Gave pops the “da da” for Father’s day. You’re welcome. Enjoy stuffing my face eating with a spoon. Too too delicious. Rolling over – check. Sitting up – check, assistance required. What a workout. These people leave me on my stomach and I fend for my life.
Best Moment: Business Class gets milk. Swimming has been ah-wesome. The grandparents are spoiling the crap out of me. I now own two Ryder Islands. Dad said it was the right time to invest in property.
Worst Moment: Losing all my toys in the international move. What a bummer. These people need to entertain me, CONSTANTLY.
Eating: That milk crap, what a joke! Hello to all sorts of fruits and veggies. Oatmeal to peaches. My fave is probably bananas. I sneak a Cheerio every now and then.
I can give myself a bottle. Who’s the the milk regulator now?! Suckers.
I’m finally adjusting to this whole US timezone business. Up all night to get lucky, hey!
People keep asking me who cuts my hair.
I’ll get strangers picking me up when mom and dad go out. They comment on how gorgeous I am. What’s this cute business all about?
Mom calls me, Bruiser. A lot.
I’m racking up the Skymiles.
Dad lets me harass tickle Indy every once and awhile. That dog has some sweet toys.










photo 2

photo 1


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Y’All Come Back Now


Here we are, finally getting settled. With Andrew, life has never been boring.

Yep. Another blog. I’m a sucker.

We moved. We are moving. We are not done moving.

We’ve been insanely busy.

England -> Atlanta -> Minneapolis -> Atlanta

That was all in a week. #whatthewhat

Now we’re settled in Atlanta until we move to Minneapolis mid July. You’ll get more details on that later, when my brain starts functioning again.

We’ve celebrated the move back to the states, Andrew’s birthday and his first Father’s Day. Nothing like nonstop partying.

Sad tears. Happy tears. Miles and miles, we’re exhausted but beyond thankful for the friends and family that have wished us well throughout our bat sh*t crazy adventures.

Thanks for following us to our new home. Now, let the pictures do the talking.