On My Mind

Couldn’t navigate the throngs of traffic at the Minnesota state fair. Ended up at the (free) zoo. Since Ryder can’t make out all the animals, we felt it was quite the bargain.
We’re having a heat wave. Upper 90s. Show of hands if you thought Minnesota didn’t get a summer.
Decorating a house takes time, money and Pinterest.
Biking everywhere has spoiled me.
Brunettes don’t have as much fun. At least not yet.
Roo is trying to steal my honeywagon. I catch him reading the manual in the truck late at night.
My Dr and dentist are equally as excited to have us back in the states. Is it good when they laugh at your previous medical treatment overseas? #true
I haven’t been this excited for the VMAs since Timberlake rocked a perm and a matching denim outfit.
CT is the best for TV.
First day of school butterflies.




Eight Month Anniversary

Age: 8 months
Weight: 18.1
Height: 27.5″
Milestones: Hello new addition to my mouth. SeΓ±or Tooth has arrived!
I’ve learned the best way to get around: the crab crawl. Mom says she’s going to put a mop on my butt. I am trying to locate the reverse switch so I can go the other way, and see what these people on the other side of the room are yelling about.
Hands are for slapping and grabbing. Baths are for making bubble clothes and de-mangoing me post dinner.
Sophie is for wacking around.
Heads are for adults to kiss.
Best Moment: Meeting my new tooth. Toot scooting came in a close second.
Worst Moment: Meeting my new tooth.
Eating: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” How about the one that washes your hair?

I am super close to eating the yummy food I see adult people eat. I admit, I tend to eat anything. Those puffy snacks are outrageously good. Do they make them in steak flavor? Mom says my mouth looks goofy when I chomp.

Tooth Fairy 1. Me 0.

I acquired THREE new rides! Yea, America. You can find me drafting off dad in my Busy Bee, getting chauffeured around in my Cozy Coupe Aston Martin edition, or chilling in my tiny “city” stroller.

I’m feeling more independent these days. Sitting up and sitting still is for the birds.

The adults try to lure me to crawl by waving glowing objects or food in my face. Oh, you wait.

First American baseball game, check. They keep telling me not to worry about the designated hitter.

I now have enough fuzz to make for good bed head. We’ll be braiding that stuff in no time.

Oh yea, mom says, “128 days to Christmas.”





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From the Rooftops


Landed my dream gig. Slapping the apron on next week.
Honeywagon shopping is absolutely exhausting. More to come on that later.
Hands full. Teething. Crawling. Full on.
We’re having a heatwave. Summer has been nothing but sunshine and blue skies. If you’re already commenting in your head about winter, you can bite me.
Having the dude at Cold Stone tell me, “The peanut butter cups are stuck together so I’ll just have to give you extra.” Oh, Ok.
Stepping on a scale for a physical after Cold Stone. Coming in well under par. Thank you, Jesus.
Enjoying football, American-style, in real-time.

Fast Forward

This week was an absolute whirlwind. I have been busy getting back into the swings of things. Looking forward to dishing out that news later, mwhaha. Lots of exciting stuff is happening. And it feels damn good.

Minneapolis-you sly thing you-you surprise me.

Honeywagon shopping continues. I want fun. Andrew wants practical. I win. We swooned over the Wrangler Sahara, but it’s honestly not the best idea for the winters around here. The get snow here, right?

We’ve been biking like crazy. Cruising around here is super easy, and we have a few lakes we can hit in under 15 minutes. Rye loves drafting off dad.

We spent the weekend bbq’ing with friends, and enjoying some ahmaze sushi. Oh, it’s been too long!

As for Cheeks, you all should know he was an absolute rock star this weekend. We’re welcoming his new friend Mr Tooth. He’s a bit of a jerk, but we’re trying to make his arrival as comfortable as possible. Cheeks was full-on not well, and I now know what mom’s mean about getting the best cuddles when your babe doesn’t feel well.

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The Million Pound Question

We are finally feeling settled and the past week was an absolute sh*t show at times Β – all in a good way. We’ve been hanging with some wonderful friends we’ve met, enjoying our town and the unbelievable lovely weather.

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I’ve been asked a good bit the great question, “Do you miss England?” Does one miss milk in their tea? There are times when Andrew and I hear a British band, watch European sports, or find smaller reminders (one of my million coffee mugs) of where we were a few months ago and ugly cry get pretty sentimental. I wouldn’t trade the experience or the lifelong mates we made for the world. Even a cool rainy day makes me miss our old town streets. Having Ryder was the game changer. It was incredibly difficult at times with the babe to be so far from family and familiarity. We’re now making a home and it feels good to be in this new chapter in our lives. Our priorities have shifted and traveling Europe came second to getting back stateside and doing things such as, ya know, buying everything we had to once sell, like cars. Nothing big, riiiight. Maybe that didn’t really answer the question:/ I’m already itching to visit again, or at least get all our British friends to come see the great ol’ U.S.

This week it’s full on again. New schedules for the entire team.

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