Weekend Rewind


Weekend survey: good!
Went from cool and rainy on Saturday to sunny and stunning on Sunday. I think I got a touch of a tan.
Kicking off the weekend with date night no hate night = glorious.
The Dawgs know how to get a girl’s blood pressure up. I could have cried right there with Richt.
Norak pulled out all the stops for the tailgate. Total groupie, meeting everyone. Now you know where I get it from.



Sunday we headed to Lake of the Isles for some running, biking and swinging.
The family that tris together…
Good weekend for the Lions and purple people eaters.
Patio and Oktoberfest, yes.
October is going to be pumpkin packed with travel, family and seasonal shenanigans.






Current Obsession – Dudes

1. Massive fan of Bourdain. 2. The Esquire network is amaze.


From the mind of Anthony Bourdain comes The Getaway, a new original series exploring the world’s greatest cities through the eyes of a revolving cast of travel-loving celebrities who know them inside and out. Join Joel McHale, Aziz Ansari, Eve, Aisha Tyler and many more as they hit the streets in their favorite places on earth, enjoying the life of a local, doing what they do, eating what they eat, and going where they go. Sometimes, it’s not just where you go, but who you’re with.

My brother is King of all things movie and TV, hope he approves this message. The Esquire network is fantastic, engaging, fresh – a hard find with all of the networks today. Highly recommend!

Fall Fell On Us

The arrival of fall has welcomed us with a sh*tton of changes. All good, but is it really only Tuesday? And how the hay is it OCTOBER next week?

We had some amazing company in this weekend. Ah, glad family is close to us again. Gramsie was in town, and we travelled to the lovely Uptown area, shopped, stopped by the lakes, and welcomed cooler temps with our first fire of the season.

But first, MASSIVE congrats to my brother, now an elite gold medalist. He won big time at the FAPA President’s Book Awards – Florida Publishers Association. It’s a BFD, and I want to take a moment and acknowledge the hard work my brother has done to get to where he is today. Super duper proud of my big bro. From the artist himself:

Illustrations from my books as well as links to the pages you can purchase them from are located on my web page at www.cockadoodles.com. Thanks again and wish you all could have been there!


Back to me. Here’s our sunny, perfectly fall, hello four-proper-seasons, weekend.






I leave Roo to ride to the store with the peanut for groceries, and look what my pumpkins came back with. Oh, Charlie Brown we found the Great Pumpkin. Now please also remember that this about an eight mile bike ride from our house (one-way), and the Burley Bee was pushing 50 lbs. Is a dude thing, right?

Nine Month Anniversary

IMG_2727Age: 9 months
Weight: I’m a long and lean green bean.
Best Moment: Realizing my chunky knees have a purpose. Mind blown. The British Bruiser is now a cruiser. I have water bowls to splash in, mystery cabinets to open, and a puppy to torment.
Worst Moment: Anytime mom has to “hose me off” is a tough day in the play-yard. I had my first official sick doctor’s visit, and the debate is still out about my ears. When you put 95% of things you encounter in your mouth, germs happen.
Eating: It wasn’t even about the green beans, really. Frankly, I like the beans. I have no problem. There’s always been a lot of tension between the spoon and me. Why do I need a spoon when God gave me two tiny hands? I can feed myself. I believe food should fly. Bonus, the puppy is eating better as well.

Hooray for me; I’ve been out in this world for as long as I spent getting ready for it.

I ended up with two toofs coming in together. I look good.

Mom says I’m sleeping – – too good. I sleep all night but she insists on waking up to check on me.

I’m enjoying the start of autumn. UGA puppy football. Fires at night, warm footy pajamas and PUMPKINS.

Rumor has it, I’m becoming quite the little man.









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The Law of Reciprocity


Main Entry: rec·i·proc·i·ty
Pronunciation: \ˌre-sə-ˈprä-s(ə-)tē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural rec·i·proc·i·ties
Date: 1766
1 : the quality or state of being reciprocal : dependence, action, or influence 2 : a mutual exchange of privileges ; specifically : a recognition by one of two countries or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other

I’m not going to get all preachy on you. Thought you should know, some people suck at this.

We Should All Be Nice(r)

Andrew’s mom is coming in town and – well –

Robin: OK. I don’t know this airport, so where will you meet me?????

Andrew: I will mail you two safety flares. Once you disembark from the aircraft, follow signs for baggage claim. As you pass through the baggage revolving doors, ignite the first flare. Be sure to only ignite the stick once you are outside!!! You may cause a panic otherwise.

The second stick is for safety; ignite this only if you are accosted by the local which may approach you with food on a stick and purple Vikings clothes on.

The homing-beacon on my car will be able to sync-up with the activated flares as there is a remote RFID on the inside of the stalk. Now, the car will not be able to stop, so you are going to have to run alongside and pass your luggage through the window. Once your luggage is free, you should be quick enough to get alongside where I can hook you into the safety line and pull you in. I have practiced this many times, and if you commit to training over the next few days, all should go to plan.

If all else fails, call my cell phone and I will just pick you up outside of Delta baggage claim. Groovy?

I am giving Roo 10 points for use of flare, 5 for Vikings and taking away 20 for use of “groovy.” I blame Georgia Tech for all of this.

Weekend Rewind


Loads of cycling.
St Paul is a posh Twin.
I realized the houses were muy expensive when I confused them for apartment complexes. Single owner. Mr Target?
Lovely French style lunch, but after Europe it was a far cry from what we were accustomed to enjoying. (The Queen’s Eggs.)
Cheeks’ room is almost done. Can’t believe it myself.
Ready to whip out the Halloween decor. Pumpkin up.
Poor Vikings.
Thanksgiving is booked. Gobble gobble.
Can we squeak in an October vacay?






Open Op-For-Ed

20130913-105544.jpgHere’s to your train, plane or potty reading.

The transition to the work force honestly couldn’t have gone better. I was spoiled to have as much time with my British babe, but it’s important to remind myself that I need to be where I am now. Ryder also needs time with other kids his age and social interaction. It’s harder than you think to entertain a baby all day. I feel healthier in my relationship with the hus, and I need to keep competitive in my field. Doesn’t make it any easier to leave the peanut. I will also tell you that my “stay at home” mom friends have real-jobs, as yoga instructors, or owners of crafty shops. That’s a testament to the importance of adult communication, ownership. Oh, and fun money.

20130913-094135.jpgOne of my besties recently told me that I’ve hit my stride again, and that means the world. I feel settled and at home in Minne. We are in a good rhythm.

Marathon training, ah yes. I am blessed that Rye sleeps on my runs seemingly no matter the distance but I sure as sugar don’t have time to train. That was a lousy bet. I do get in about 4+ miles in a day. Thank you daylight savings. I’m moonlighting over at iRunner if you’re that desperate. I don’t have the proper bandwidth to manage LFTR the way I want. Don’t you get enough crap from me here?

The brunette look isn’t going over so well with Norak the family, but the easy maintenance is amaze. I am definitely a blonde at heart; I do this natural look annually. We shall see, it’s growing on me.

And now you know.

*Full disclaimer that this post is for a special someone who demanded answers.

On My Mind


Still having a heat wave. Amen to suntans.
F1 is going to crush it next year. Doesn’t get much hotter than a Finn in a Ferrari.
Home improvement projects do exist and do always go on longer than planned.
Suddenly everything on the ground has to be accounted for. British Bruiser is now a cruiser.
Messing with someone’s preset radio stations is like going through their underwear drawer. You just don’t do it.
It’s not that I like pumpkins, it’s more of the obsession I have with anything seasonal.
Pen pals and presents by post are the bestest.
Sometimes the best way to pay attention to someone is by not giving them any. Touché.