2013…The Year I…

Left the beautiful English countryside.
Truly learned to love where we lived and find ourselves blessed to be settled back stateside.
Turned brunette, and shortly blonde again.
Traveled…a lot.
Picked up driving again.
Became a fair faux photographer.
Bought a home in Minneapolis.
Spent the summer biking…everywhere.
Followed closely in Roo’s adventurous footsteps.
Found myself in the best shape of my life.
Showed my nanny something new.
Cheered on my family’s achievements in running and literature. Go mom and Mikey!
Made a homemade, epic, Halloween costume.
Toured Wrigley with a VIP pass, complete with swinging bats in the dugout.
Landed a dream job.
Spent the winter skiing and ice skating.
Ran in 4 degree weather.
Found out I’m going to be an aunt!!!
Learned to conquer home improvement projects.
Continued to fall head over heels in love with Rye. Often in awe that we could produce something that adorable.
Began new traditions.
Survived the coldest temperatures this side of the North Pole.
And found out we were expecting again!




What do you do under feet of snow and cold “winter” weather. You get out and enjoy it. Greetings winter activities!

The biggest difference I’ve noticed living in MN versus MI is the sunshine. It’s either snowy or sunny. We do get a few gloomy days but for the most part we’re able to take full advantage of the weekend weather.

This week’s adventure, ice skating. You pick up your skates and find one of a dozen open FREE ponds. The one by our place is a country club where the ice is groomed by a little zamboni. Fantastic. I watched Roo practice a little hockey and I was allowed in my shoes on the ice. An afternoon of begging later, I earned my own skates. I haven’t been on the ice in yearrrs. It wasn’t graceful at first but I found my pace. Ryder even made a friend on the ice.

I’m constantly pleasantly surprised at the things to do in this city.









On My Mind


CT is THE best time zone for television.
Tina and Amy crushed it.
Australian Open, yes. It begins.
I know 4 folks getting pups for Valentines. Swoon. That’s when we got Dr Jones.
25 is the new 70. Degrees.
Argentinian Chocolate.
Patagonia beer.
You can catch up with mates. Go figure.
I’m going to turn into a Cutie.
Pats or Peyton?
Our new treadmill is winning. Damn.


I’m Going To Tell You All A Little Secret

It’s unreasonably unseasonably cold. Having a brother in Florida or family in Atlanta, they flip when it hits below 30.

I have no idea what -12 as a high or -27 as a low feels like. I’m happy to report back. We went skiing in -1 and survived. My feet finally gave in after 3 hours, which is normal. I’ve been running at 4 degrees and was perfectly comfortable. You magically adjust.

But you know what, I love this insane weather. I love FOUR proper seasons, snow on Christmas, skiing in winter, crisp spring runs, summer lake swims, and fall apple farms. We had two straight weeks of 95+ in the summer- we do eventually thaw out.

Andrew has helped me grow into embracing the outdoors for each occasion.

You walk a little faster from the car to a store; don’t wear mascara when you’re running; cover your kid like Joey dressed in all of Chandler’s clothes.

Buy a jacket. Bundle up.


Holiday Hangover


We had a stellar Christmas. Ryder’s second, which makes him a pro.
Beautiful snowy Christmas Eve. I made everyone listen to Christmas music or watch a crappy Christmas movie. It’s a 48-hour law.
I officially mastered the ultimate Christmas cookie, a classic holiday thumbprint. Good with milk for Santa or with coffee for moi.
Relaxed, stay-at-home, holiday. Somewhat of a first for Andrew and I.
Christmas Day started with champagne and sunshine. We took all day to open presents, eat, and open more presents. Then, sledding. I ended up with an ice facial.
The entire break has been incredibly relaxing and low-key.
It was a special Christmas and I can only imagine how awesome ours will be next (this?) year.
Hope y’all had the same joy and festive feeling all over ya!