Spring Cabin Fever


8 moves in
7 years
SIX years of marriage
High 5 to adventure
4 states
3 countries
Almost 2 kids
1 very special dog
+ Happy anniversary to a man that always keeps things interesting. Xx

How do you celebrate six years marriage? Costco pizza and a good movie. You rejoice in SPRING weather and run, bike, grill, etc. Friday we did the nice mandatory romantic dinner, which ended up with us watching basketball. We took Ryder on a beautiful run Saturday morning, and nothing says love like Andrew running with me. I guess I should be offended when he stops and walks to wait on me, but he means well. At six months great with child, my 8:30 pace doesn’t bother me. Our nice leisurely Sunday bike ride ended with us trying to chase down any roadies we saw. Roo was riding his fixy, pulling 40+ of thunder behind him and could keep up with the best of them. Do we have to make a competition out of everything?

March certainly came in like a lion and am thankful this lamb went out with stunning weather. And note that it was in the 60s this weekend, hence Roo’s pasty legs matching the piles of snow. The snow is almost all gone, but considering his family in Michigan and folks in the NE have more than we do right now, I’m feeling pretty lucky.

Rye is officially all boy. He was running, falling, dirtying himself up all weekend. Anytime we tried to take him inside he’d throw his fat little fist on the glass door demanding to be let out. Indy and him should work out an arrangement. And it’s always more fun with dad. Zero mama’s boy in this kid.

Cheers to you March, but we are ready for April showers (because that’s a form of precipitation I could appreciate now).








Photo of the Week


*Yes. Iced Coffee season is finally creeping up to the north.
Weekend ahead includes celebrating SIX crazy, fun, adventurous years with my boo.
April showers brings May trips to GA.
Countdown to the beach is officially under a month, hallelujah. I look forward to matching the color of the sand and being the whale that attracts small fishes.

“I hate being kept in the dark…waiting, speculating,…useless.” -Frank Underwood.

I Can’t Even


The past week was simply awesome at our house. Good on the home front and work front. Only bad news to report is how absolutely translucent I looked when trying on bathing suits. There are 100 things wrong with trying on bathing suits right now and my lack of color is simply one.

Caught a good movie, good hockey game, good brewery tour and so on. We spent a day in St Paul, which is in fact the greater of the two cities, IMO. St Paul has loads of historic character, charm and busting with tasty bars and restaurants. Take time to be a tourist every now and then.

And fine, we still have some snow on the ground but with warmer days and plenty of sunshine I’m hoping to see more buds and birds. I’m keeping my mouth shut until mid-summer when my loving family in the south is roasting like potatoes, slathered in humidity. Trade-offs people.

Please spare me if I’ve done nothing but inundate you with mom stuff. Yuck. Ryder simply has us wrapped up in all these amazing mini milestones. Yes, each day he becomes more like a real human. Suddenly we see our characteristics in him, good and bad. He’s already organizing and putting things away, and the fact we feed him a mini-breakfast before he even goes to school to have proper breakfast points to his father’s appetite and metabolism. From words you can understand, to words that are clear and coherent. Brushing his own teeth, eating with a spoon, these are things we do daily but when Ryder shows us it makes me realize the moments of toddler clay are winding down. Just in time I guess for us to repeat the process. Slow down, cherish it. I see that each day now.








Crap, Oprah is Right


I believe it could have may have been Oprah who coined the phrase, if you choose a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Google is saying Confucius, whatever…
I started out the gate with a great job, great people. I even got to play with celebrities. It was the right gig coming straight out of college. I continued down the same career path for many years and right before we trekked to England I went through INSANE burnout. London and Shrewsbury were such the breaths of fresh air I needed. I refocused. I learned work-life balance existed. I enjoyed my job(s).
When we landed in Minneapolis I was fearful a bit that my old career and path would suck me in. I mean I fretted. I was on a maternity leave high and couldn’t imagine the grind again.
Boom. I landed a dream job. Someone was looking out for me- timing worked itself out. I’m in an environment that is healthy, surrounded by people that are true team players. I am challenged and am learning an entire new capacity about marketing and communications that motivates me daily. People are respectful of my family time and schedule. It’s beyond rewarding.
My gushing is to point out that you can truly find a career that brings you happiness. I always thought that work would have a little grey cloud of priorities, aggressive people, nonstop fire drills, and when you see your job can be more fulfilling, well you’ll fight like a mad man to work harder.
I love my job and thank the heavens daily for plopping me in this frozen tundra beautiful city.
Hi Ho Hi Ho, Its Off To Work We Go!

Iwrish I Was Drinking


Even when the hint of spring is around there’s a change in everyone’s demeanor. Happy, happy, happy.
We went to a few new places around town and continued to nest put some bits in the home.
Ryder continues to evade us and it’s been glorious chasing his giggly diapered-up tush all over the place. He loves to explore, thank you dad, and will walk himself around the house like he’s giving a guided tour to Dr Jones. You’ll hear a low dummy-muffled giggle and that’s the only clue to his whereabouts.
As it is St Pattys Day weekend we partook in some authentic Irish shenanigans. We all had proper corn beef, cabbage and potatoes. Nom. It was actually my first time trying the dish. Took me long enough. I supplied the Lucky Charms Krispie treats, naturally.
Quiet weekend spent dreaming of summer.









On My Mind


Saturday mornings are for Local Natives Radio and coffee.
Signs of dirt = spring has arrived. I’ll take it.
Melt is messy.
Baseball on the radio, yes.
Apparently eeeesss not OK. Shame shame on The Bachelor name.
House of Cards, like ew woah.
I’m a planner who’s running out of time to plan.
Daylight savings makes everyone’s mood improve. People were practically jovial at work.
Fun Fact: daylight savings means nothing to my son.
Big 1st for Rye — gave in to McDonald’s. Happy Meal. Happy Man. He seemed fairly impressed with the nuggets, apple slices and moo moo juice. Oh judge me.
Wishing I was back in Chitown for St Patty’s – epic.
Spring break is in t-minus one month and 12 days. If you’re counting.
Only way to find out how adorable Ryder really is, see if the sequel gets as much public attention. People are constantly asking to hold the little guy.







Half Baked – 20 Weeks


We’re somehow halfway through pregnancy. Wow, you guys have survived without too much noise from me on this topic. In short, the sequel is vastly different from my near perfect pregnancy with Ryder. I was the obnoxious “I don’t even feel pregnant” pregnant lady the first go round. Take two. I got slapped with morning/all-day sickness well into my second trimester. My hormones also make me feel a bit like Bruce Banner. Maybe we should ask Andrew how this whole baby number two thing is going. I also had the pleasure of wearing whatever I wanted in England, but now I’m forced to figure out how to look somewhat professional walking around with unbuttoned pants.
The fun part, we are waiting to find out the make and model of MII. Andrew is fairly set that it’s a boy but I had a dream about a sweet baby girl. All bets are off. I’m prepared to welcome a princess or brace for two highly competitive Olympians.
I’ve been all over the map with feelings of being overwhelmed. How will we love another babe as much as Cheeks? How on this green earth will I get everyone out the door on time? What do we need to equip ourselves with? Are we ready for this again?
And then boom. I suddenly remembered how much I adore being a mom and how much absolute joy and awe Rye brings to us every single day. This morning I found myself staring at him as he sat perched in his tiny chair, clutching his blanket and milk watching cartoons. He is so damn adorable it’s almost painful. Sure we’re missing out on going out with friends, having more date nights, but we are fully embracing this crazy time in our lives. There is no better feeling that knowing how much somebody needs you.
I leave you with something I came across that adequately sums up my feelings wholeheartedly.

One day that little boy will be a big man. There will no longer be any sweet words whispered to me in the wee hours. Just the whir of the sound machine and the snoring husband. I will sleep peacefully through the night, never a worry of a sick child or a crying baby. It will be but a memory. These years of being needed are exhausting, yet fleeting. I have to stop dreaming of “one day” when things will be easier. Because, the truth is, it may get easier, but it will never be better than today. Today, when I am covered in toddler snot and spit up. Today, when I savor those chubby little arms around my neck. Today is perfect. ”One day” I will get pedicures and showers alone. ”One day” I will get myself back. But, today I give myself away, and I am tired, and dirty and loved SO much, and I gotta go. Somebody needs me.