If You Like Piña Coladas


Perfect travel day, the kind where your kid sleeps on the flight and then you have Sky Club access to an outside deck while you wait on your next flight.
Beyond relaxed.
Beautiful beach weather.
Sand sports.
Enjoying company of best friends.
Playoff hockey.
Lots of doughnuts.
Here’s your quintessence.






16 Months of Thunder

IMG_3958 (2)
Outdoor aficionado.
Music junkie.
We don’t babyproof. He’s mastered stairs, knows not to touch the important/dangerous things… Call us crazy, but we figure it’s easier for him to adjust to learning what he should and should not do. We do find it hard to keep DJ Ryder from playing with the stereo.
I’m trying to figure out which teeth he is missing. When he turned one he had 8 (top canines came in before the top front, which the dr described as “interesting”…while laughing), and now we have molars. I guess he really wants to enjoy his food.
Once he steps outside, be prepared to stay there. ALL. DAY.
He’s all boy and if he’s not in the dirt, he’s eating it.
He loves to workout. He’s watched Roo and I workout since he was born, but he’s finally figured our signature moves. The first time he sat on the steps to do push ups/crunches with dad I bought lost it. Hilarious. He’ll take his bouncy balls as “weights” and do squats (with grunts) or leg lifts. It’s so adorable it hurts.
He’s verbal, and has been. We’ve got a handful of words, and school teaches him sign language. We have mastered hungry! I feel like I’m bribing a monkey to do tricks, but I love getting him to show me all his signs.
Pre-breakfast before he goes to school for his second. Thank you to dad’s metabolism. Can’t walk off his fish bowl belly yet.
We are getting excited for him to have a playmate, Indy can only take so much. And someone needs to keep tabs on him.
I hold and squeeze him as much as he lets me, as these baby days only last a short time. If you catch me smelling his head, I apologize.
We are blessed, head over heels in love, and enjoying all the steps of his adventure in life.
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On My Mind

How do you dye Easter eggs?
Bloom already.
Gravity 1. Me 0.
Back to cycling season. I carry the sequel, Andrew carries the peanut.
Fruit in any form, including Starburst.
Ryder had his first stomach bug, which he was kind enough to share with me. My worst hangover X a million. And a really bad time to renovate the bottom floor bathroom.
Eying summer clothes, that don’t involve a tie or rouching.
April showers!
Wing season, babes.
Letting Rye do it his way until society forces him to conform.
He’s lapped my sign language knowledge.
Chocolate pumpkin muffins, always seasonal.
Closer to adult spring break!










Haters Gonna Hate

Did anyone ever take a butter cookie and dip it in Kool-Aid as a kid? Ya know, the little cookies that were shaped like a flower that had a hole in the middle – perfect for dipping.

If you did, then you are going to LOVE the new Fruit Punch Oreo. Too bad out of 10 people I am pretty sure that I am the only one that likes these things.