Third Tris The Charm


How are we in the home stretch? I am sure for y’all it seems like I’ve been pregnant forever, sorry about that.
There are a few things I’m doing differently in this pregnancy than with Ryder. For starters, I’m really soaking in the joys of being pregnant. I’m making a LIFE after all. Go me. Loving the old ladies who dote on me in public; I think people are generally nicer to pregnant women and always saying how cute we are. “Oh, that small house is just adorable.”
I also have less, “I can/should DO this while pregnant” pride and let other folks help me out or take it easier on some days than others.
I’m carrying this babe differently, as in this kid could practically shake your hand as you walk by. It’s bizarre to see little elbows and knees go rolling by. Roo is constantly telling me to quit poking let the kid be. Ryder must have hung out in the back. The sequel is not shy. Surprisingly my running went downhill a few weeks sooner than with Rye, but I’m finding now I can actually pick up the pace again. Depends on where the sequel decides to take a seat for the ride. If I didn’t bike or run I’d go mental, workouts have always been my saving grace. It might not be pretty but I do it on the daily. (It’s OK, Norak. Dr says the baby won’t just walk out.)
As to the gender of the sequel, everyone in the family is saying boy. I think Andrew is keen on another male. He’s always referred to the babe as a “he.” I had a dream early on that it was a little girl, and I’m hanging on to that feeling. Shopping for a girl is way too much trouble fun. We’ve also had a girl’s name decided for a long time. When we were walking to our gender reveal party for Rye we tossed out a girl’s name and landed on one we both immediately loved; a boy name will be tough.
Other differences, no nesting. As in there is “no nest” for number two. It’s almost overwhelming to think about planning another nursery. I have a feeling it’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks, but for now if I look at another crib I’ll practically cry. And that’s why God made dresser drawers.
We’re counting down these final days, and I’m trying to get all the one-on-one time in with our little man while I can. Pregnancy is great, but kind of boring. When the babe comes, that’s when it gets exciting.


Welcome To The World, Amelia

I’m an AUNTIE! The moment we were all waiting for finally arrived. My big brother and his beautiful wife welcomed a little girl — they didn’t know what they were having and it proved to be an awesome surprise!

Amelia Jewell
Day of Birth: May 28, 2014
Time of Birth: 10:22 PM
Weight: 7 lbs, 14 ozs
Length: 21 in
*middle namesake after my Nanny (so cute!)

Today over 360,00 babies will be born. And you are one of them. Welcome! This is the world. It’s a pretty cool place. There’s lots to see, smell…You? You’re awesome. You were made that way. You were made from love, to be love, to spread love. Love is always louder. No matter what. Even if hate has a bullhorn. Love is louder. So let your life be loud. Let’s shout to the world. “THINGS CAN BE BETTER! IT’S OK ABOUT ALL THE MESS UPS!


In other news, I went shopping IMMEDIATELY and let me tell you, mind blown. Shopping for a girl is amazing and way too easy. Loads of cuteness. I can’t wait to cuddle up with this little miss. We’re head over heels in love.

Just A Summertime Story


This is the time of year when all of us northern idiots forget how long the winter was and live for SPRING/summer-like days. Temps hover in the upper 70s, low 80s, with no clouds in the sky. No bugs. It’s perfect.
Beer (watching), baseball, BBQ’ing and backyards.
Memorial Weekend was spent running, cycling and sunning all over our town. We headed up to Minnehaha Falls to take Rye around in his Bee. Brilliant lunch and great views. Good friends over for a bbq and spent Memorial lounging around, touch of yard work and watching Rye enjoy his classy above-ground pool. The weather cooperated 100%.
Current obsessions include any outdoor activity, fish tacos, grilling, and Costco.











If you follow me on Instagram I recently had a chance to bore you with 10 days of “Momventures.” Play dates, dinner dates, art classes and puppies. The goal was to show Ryder that mom is way more as exciting as dad.
For those that don’t know, Rye is a daddy’s boy. Weather he’s happy or sick, dad is the go-to. I’m somewhat offended. With dad out of town, I had 10 days to spoil this monster rotten.

Planning 10 days of unique activities was a bit tricky, but thinking like a kid again and following Pinterest made it pretty easy. The activities weren’t always planned and they ended up sometimes being tiny things, like an impromptu breakfast.

What surprised me the most about this past week was how having something “planned” really meant that I was 110% focused on Rye. Whatever he wanted to do, we did. I was his personal assistant more so than when dad’s around. Ryder typically follows one of us because we’re always doing something, but one-on-one I realized I owed him a ton more attention. And I had to do a lot of talking.

One overall observation, parents on their phones. Disgusting. I would go to the playground and see kids running around and their parents sitting to the side on a bench checking their phones. Completely missing the smiles and the wipeouts. Or out to dinner with the kid looking all around the restaurant pointing to things, talking while they ate, and their mom or dad, head down in their phone. I saw this all the damn time. My rule, no phone. Ok, unless I’m in his face taking pictures.

It is alarming at how much he understands and observes. Those brown almond eyes are watching me all the time.

What started out as assignment developed into a new routine. Ryder showed me how falling down, getting dirty, even being crabby are all good things. What I thought was a small window of time between school and bedtime turned into plenty of time to catch-up on the day and make a memorable evening. I learned how to prioritize every second.

One man’s European “vacation” turned into a week of helping mom get her sh*t together and learn to appreciate  the itty bitty things.


So There’s That.


For Mother’s Day, Ryder also gifted me with a garden wall made up of roses, hydrangeas and peonies. Ok, maybe it was more like waffles on the floor, but the gesture was grand.

Yes, we’re up to something. More to come next week, depending on the outcome. I’m on my best creative behavior, Pinterest be damned.

I spent the weekend lugging around 1.5 kids. I have a new respect for playgrounds, wood chips and whole milk. I thought I was doing great biking with the peanut until upon arriving at our destination on Saturday; I got off my bike and went to get Ryder out of his Bee, when a woman asked me if it was OK to bike while “that” pregnant.” Trust me, too many sarcastic comments went through my head before I laughed and mentally air flicked that woman off. I should have encouraged her to do any form of physical exercise.

I’ve enjoyed catching up on Bravo, and PLEASE watch Southern Charm – Andrew approves, so you know it’s semi-legit garbage. Also listening to country music, however song writing ability is at a record low. The perfect country hit these days = summer + lake + a chick’s tan lines (or white dress) + beer/tequila.

On the home front, I’m trying not to kill our plants. I enjoy gardening, but every time I pull a weed or go to water a plant, I hear that Home Depot dude in my head, “Let’s Do This.” Suddenly I’m a gardening goddess.

Signs of lake days are close. Not coming soon enough.

May Day


Welcomed back home with a cold. Oddly, Indy has one too. It’s funny and disgusting.
Spent the weekend soaking up the cool sunshine and spring cleaning. Did some yard work.
We biked up to our favorite lake spot and basked in the awesome weather. My biking and running is anything but graceful these days. Nothing like riding with Chris Froome to keep me active. Roo refuses to slow down, which I love and hate.
I chopped my hair off, because I’m a short haired gal dreaming of longer locks, and extensions. I always treat the salon experience like “A Makeover Story,” which is the wrong thing to do.
May is shaping up to be a crazy month. Loads of travel. I do, however, love a month with a holiday.
Andrew and I should probably start thinking about living arrangements for the sequel.