We might be late to the party, but at least we showed up. Four episodes in to Game of Thrones:
– Why hasn’t Minnesota branded shirts, “Winter is Coming?”
– I want a direwolf. Seriously, Indy get it together.
– I think I’ve had my hand over my mouth at the end of every episode.

We Got An Inner-Tube


I don’t know how it gets any better. After some spectacular mid-western thunderstorms last week, the skies turned the bluest blue and the weekend was a stunner. I’m glad Indy knows no better than to sleep through them, and Ryder hasn’t caught on yet.
Humidity, bahaha. When people say it’s humid my hair laughs.
Roo and I are in our rhythm right now of prepping for the sequel while he squeezes in cycling and I stick to pounding the pavement. As chaotic and jammed packed as our weekends are, slowly realizing we might look back and think it’s not so bad.
Minnesota is one active city, and the second you wake up to the sunshine it’s taking full advantage of anything outdoors – from lakes to the trails. Atlanta was definitely full of fit folks, but the northern summers allow for us to still sneak out midday and get in a good workout, without sweating our faces off. Can I please brag about the weather while I can?
Our power bill last month was $30.
Now if I could just get my hands on seasonal beer.











Weekend of Andrew

Birthday + Father’s Day = nonstop weekend of celebrating.
I’m going to pat myself and Pinterest on the back for making the weekend a blast. I firmly believe that birthdays should be 1. a big deal. 2. always require candles to blow out. 3. said birthday person is absolutely spoiled. My mom raised me right.
Our festivities included good food, great sports and OK weather.
I dropped off 24 cute as crap cupcakes to Andrew’s office (with a side of breakfast) on Friday – hey I could have sent an edible bouquet and really made him blush.
The good thing about Roo’s birthday is that he is THE easiest person to shop for. Or maybe he is always asking for a lot of stuff?
I whipped up Trisha’s Best Damn Blueberry Pancakes, but put ’em in a waffle maker. Waffles > pancakes. I also made the cake, I feel like given my love for baking and where I work, I somewhat had to. Andrew finds the Oreo + Heath Bar flavor combo a favorite, so I smooshed those together into Oreo Heath Bars. For a guy who hates sweets, it’s my one time of year to impress.
Rest of my time was chasing down Ryder who has popped into a talkative individual, always on the go (just like dad).


















When My Father Didn’t Have My Hand, He Had My Back

Today is Father’s Day. I could gush about my dad for days. I would say he’s the greatest father in the world, but don’t most kids? What is a great dad? By definition:
Great: great/grāt/ (n) A great or distinguished person.
Father: fa•ther/ˈfäT͟Hər/ (n) A man in relation to his natural child or children.

My dad is all those things, but most importantly he was there for me. Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to have a close relationship with their child. Greatness is about what a person gives, and the sacrifices my father made for me is why I am what I am today.

I have dozens of childhood memories with my dad. He’s the only one who could get me to go to sleep at night, take me to McDonald’s for my Happy Meal religiously every Friday, do my hair (yes, true story), fry me bologna, teach me about football, push me to graduate a year early, show me the importance of keeping my big mouth shut, trust me to find the right man, share his humor and wit. I still remember coming home from a rough week at college and piling up on the couch with my dad for a nap. I will always be his little girl.

I wish everyone a close relationship with their father, it is important to find strength in a good man. Beyond being an exceptional father, he is a wonderful man. He is madly in love with my mom, strong in his faith, and a friend to many.

On My Mind

20140608-175732-64652011.jpgBirthday week. All birthdays should be treated as holidays, and last multiple days.
Cotton trees are in bloom, and their fluffy white cotton blossoms float throughout the city making it appear like you’re in a snow globe.
Finally decided to make a nest.
I genuinely enjoy yardwork. Trying desperately to keep things alive.
Rang in National Running Day with some miles. Always grateful.
After months of anticipation, we had a brewery open up just a few blocks away in our downtown. I hope it lives up to the hype, we’ve been waiting. And we are thirsty.
Minnesota summers are unfreakingbelievable.
I now believe in gophers. We have a hole that Indy could crawl into.
Celebrating Rye’s big promo to the toddler room. It’s crazy how quickly his behavior and language skills developed. He’s learning so much from watching the bigger kids. Sure, I would have loved a personal assistant nanny but his education at school with peers and teachers has proven completely invaluable.
Can you handle sports week?? Finished the French, now on to Le Mans, US Open, World Cup, and prep for Wimbledon and Tour Dr France. Yes.

Give Me A Sign

Current Obsession: Crabs
Since I don’t know the make or model of the sequel, I am stretching for something to personify the babe. I looked up the astrological sign around my due date, and turns out we should be having a Cancer.
The mascot of Cancer is the Crab, and much like this shelled little critter, Cancers are quick to retreat into their shells if it suits their mood.
I am not a huge fan of signs, but they do tend to be spot on about temperament. Andrew is a Gemini, I’m a fiery Sag (right?), which means fire and air are quite compatible. Cancer is water, so that works as well. Fire and Fire means the good is good and the bad is freaking miserable, I can attest to that.
In short, I messaged my mom to find me a Sebastian while she’s down in Orlando with the Disney Princess, Amelia. How’s that for nesting?