How Is That A Headline?


Orlando Bloom finally does the world a favor and PUNCHES Bieber. And the crowd applauds – literally.
Why can’t Serena just take a damn loss without an excuse?
UCLA. You live in the driest area in the country in a 10 year drought. 10m gallons to wash a basketball court and flood a parking deck. Well done.
Hozier From Eden. Repeat. Album is fantastic.
Now, do I applaud a UGA stud for winning the Bachelorette? I’m glad they aired the dirty laundry…people do know that this TV is a game show, right? Roo has an awesome study he read during his MBA that basically proves that if you pit enough people against each other for one thing, that one thing becomes more desirable by the minute.

Honey, you’re familiar like my mirror years ago

Well sleeping has gone to the birds. Is that the damn expression? In between off and on slumber and dreaming some bizarro things (last one was trying to find parking at the airport with Tom Cruise) – which btw I hate dreaming about the past, good or bad, it throws me off – I typically peruse my favorite blogs. And then I end up with 100 new recipes to try, clothes to buy or guilt for not being crafty enough.


Weekend Warrior

As our friend poignantly put it, with two kids we went from zone defense to man-to-man coverage.
Walks and more walks. Please get me out of the house.
As my dad says, it felt like Julvember this weekend. Windows open in July? Yes m’am!
I completely forgot how fun a sprinkler can be.
I may or may not have found my cycling trainer this weekend.
GOT bloopers anyone?
New babes are amazing, but they put you on house arrest. One becomes quite crafty with a baby carrier and indoor projects. You wouldn’t believe my organization skills!













My Little Americanos

Anyone curious about the whole UK to US birth experience? In short, it would be really hard to have a kid overseas again seeing how good you Americanos have it.
Ryder is happy and healthy, as was I during the first pregnancy, which made the experience in the UK not too bad. However, we were staying at the Four Seasons with Rhys.

UK: MASH style room with 6 other women and babies, community bathroom, curtain around a bed (no space whatsoever)
USA: There might as well have been a mint on my pillow. BIG honking room, TV, window, one bathroom, one nurse all to myself…
UK: Out of hospital in 36 hours, because I was literally begging to go home for peace and quiet.
USA: Out of the hospital in 48 hours, because I was deemed not a threat to society healthy, and Rhys passed his tests with flying colors.


We’ll always have a cool story with Ryder, but my recovery this go round was in part to the amazing doctors and nurses I had doting on me. We heard from another woman in the hospital that gave birth in Germany with her first, and we each had very similar experiences. Now both thankful for the healthcare we pay for.
The sweet nurses knit hats for the newbies, and we even had a little cake to celebrate. Super thoughtful.
Do they have healthy babes overseas? Absolutely, they seem to be doing just fine. It is still shocking to me that some of the healthcare is so outdated seeing how advanced we are here in the states. You truly get what you pay for. We joke Rye cost 4 quid in parking fees. I’m actually incredibly grateful for both experiences, it taught me a lot. I am beyond thankful to God for giving me two easy pregnancies and healthy babies. That’s what has made the difference.

On My Mind

I love it when Buckingham Palace plays “Name That Tune” during Changing of the Guards. The Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace played the theme song from Game of Thrones. It pleases me. Side note, the Queen recently visited the set of GOT. Has anyone told her that the people hate the Queen and about the whole incest thing?

Really want to whip these “Frozen S’More Pops” up.
I feel like a dog barking at cars go by when I see someone run past me. Mind says, go!, body says, Ok but your dr will be pissed.
Yes, I watched the trailer for “50 Shades of Grey.” You’re a dirty liar if you said you didn’t. Yes, Jamie Dornan is a freaking dreamboat. I think I’ll grab a girlfriend next Valentine’s Day to check it out, Andrew would probably giggle through the whole thing.
Morning TV is the absolute worst, awful.
My craving for coffee is finally back – mwhahaha.
Obsessed with Etsy. Once you start shopping for one thing, you get sucked in. If I had an ounce of that creativity in my pinky…
I might be the most terrible housewife, I get bored way too easy. Bonus, I’m brushing up on my cooking skills.
Two boys is starting to make sense, things for Ryder are now an “investment,” ha!


Meet Rhys!

We are ecstatic to announce the birth of our newest son, Rhys Andrew. We welcomed him on July 17, 2014 at 11:25am. He clocked in at 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches.

I only order boys.


It’s a BOY! Andrew announced the sex, complete with fist pump. Of course mom would have loved bows and frills, but we’re trading dolls for trips to the ER. In fact we had a girls name all ready to go, even had the name decided pre-Ryder. Boy names are tough. It took us all day to decide on Rhys, a Welsh name I discovered while we were living in the UK. We had about 4 boys names in the running, and Rhys just came to us. Literally I guess. Andrew got the middle name again. I believe I swore a few weeks ago I wouldn’t give him the middle name, and in fact called it stupid at some point, but I’ve become a sucker for tradition.

Perhaps it’s the hormones, but I can’t describe what an incredibly chill and easy babe Rhys has been. I forgot how tiny these guys are and how much they sleep. Or maybe Ryder’s constant go-go-go attitude has me brainwashed. I put Rhys down and he stays there, almost too quiet. Some kind of neat new trick to me.

We brought the munchkin home on Saturday and Ryder has thankfully taken right to being a big brother. I’ve found tiny stashes of toys by Rhys, Ryder’s way of sharing. Ryder also has offered his dummy multiple times, and even threw a goldfish over Rhys’ crib, in case he gets hungry when he wakes up.

Two boys. I’m sure they will keep me on my toes. And people, it melts your heart. It’s no longer a matter of how you will love two kids, it’s how much you can handle before your heart bursts. Disgustingly adorable.

Above all, we are blessed. A very healthy babe and I’m already well on my feet and getting around. Thanking God and everyone for their well wishes along this journey. Now our adventure begins.

















I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

When I get ready to throw some stuff on ye old blog, I often go through the photos that I’ve taken and realize that yes, pictures of my protruding belly or my son greatly outweigh the glasses of wine or photos out on the town. But this is where we are now, in all it’s adventurous, sometimes boring, way of family life. And I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of our family. Maybe in the coming weeks I’ll get a bit of my writing spark back and throw in some pop culture. In a world were over a weekend we had to learn that Ryan Gosling is going to be a dad and Zac Efron is dating a lesbian, we indeed have some catching up to do.
















Here We Grow


It’s all fun and games until the bottom quite literally almost fell out exactly a week ago. Can we please talk about the insane pop at week 37?

And what you don’t see is that Ryder’s muffin top is running around during all of these photos. When I look at this pic I can tell you exactly what he was doing just outside of the frame.

A Very Merry Unbirthday

We’ve had a handful of false alarms.
Just a few days/week to go.
I’ll do anything to keep busy.

Yes, we’ve had nine months to get ready, but we’re still not. I look at Ryder every day and see a tiny baby. How am I about to have another? I’ve gone through the ‘how will I love anything as much’ to the ‘I can’t wait to meet this miracle’ phases.  I’m holding on and trying to enjoy this crazy ride. At times being pregnant is too real and sometimes surreal. This pregnancy has been relatively easy, and I have no grounds for complaining because it can always be worse.

This go-round I’ve learned that I kind of wish I knew if we were having a lad or a lady. With Ryder, everything was about HIM. It helped me bond. Not knowing the gender is a bit bizarre having had a completely different experience the first time around.You get over the materialistic aspect real quick – bows or bow ties, pink sheets or pillows – all that is the easy stuff. For me, you want to personalize things about what the baby might like or do.

They’ll be adjustments for all of us and maybe I’m over confident about having a newborn – seems easy after all the chasing I do with Rye. Pregnancy is cool but I’m sure for y’all it seems like I’ve been preggo for ages. Time for the fun part!

We are looking forward to cuddling, big brothering, and all the spoiling.