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Did we really have a week of 80 degrees and amazingly SUNNY weather? This has to be the last taste of summer. I’ve been busy being spoiled by my wonderful mom-in-law. Truly a blessing. Sun + shopping + happy hour = the secret to life.







Morning Coffee

Yes, the more successful you are—or the stronger, the more opinionated—the less you will be generally liked. All of a sudden people will think you’re too “braggy,” too loud, too something. But the trade off is undoubtedly worth it. Power and authenticity are worth it. —Jessica Valenti


This article was a good one to wake-up to, it’s OK to not be the standard. 25 Famous Women on Childlessness
“It’s so much more work to have children. To have lives besides your own that you are responsible for — I didn’t take that on. That did make things easier for me. A baby — that’s all day, every day for eighteen years … Not having a baby might really make things easier, but that doesn’t make it an easy decision. I like protecting people, but I was never drawn to being a mother. I have it much easier than any of them. That’s just what it is. Doesn’t mean life isn’t sometimes hard. I’m just what I am. I work on what I am. Right now, I think, things are good for me. I’ve done a lot. And I don’t care anymore.” —Cameron Diaz, Esquire, August 2014

Amazing career tips for smart working women.
My unsolicited advice to women in the workplace is this. When faced with sexism, or ageism, or lookism, or even really aggressive Buddhism, ask yourself the following question: “Is this person in between me and what I want to do?” If the answer is no, ignore it and move on. Your energy is better used doing your work and outpacing people that way. Then, when you’re in charge, don’t hire the people who were jerky to you. —Tina Fey

Are you paying attention? If not, then don’t participate in the conversation.

People I’d like to buy a beer for…a good beer. Anthony Bourdain: How to Travel
I don’t get jet lag as long as I get my sleep. As tempting as it is to get really drunk on the plane, I avoid that. If you take a long flight and get off hungover and dehydrated, it’s a bad way to be. I’ll usually get on the plane, take a sleeping pill, and sleep through the whole flight. Then I’ll land and whatever’s necessary for me to sleep at bedtime in the new time zone, I’ll do that.

There’s almost never a good reason to eat on a plane. You’ll never feel better after airplane food than before it. I don’t understand people who will accept every single meal on a long flight. I’m convinced it’s about breaking up the boredom. You’re much better off avoiding it. Much better to show up in a new place and be hungry and eat at even a little street stall than arrive gassy and bloated, full, flatulent, hungover. So I just avoid airplane food. It’s in no way helpful.

Because every man I know can’t turn this movie off. The good guy-cry. The Little-Known Story of How The Shawshank Redemption Became One of the Most Beloved Films of All Time

Purple Reign forever, bitches.

Two Months New

IMG_4701 (2)Turn ons: Airplanes. The stroller and car rides (finally!). Baths with his big brother. Peek-a-boo blows his mind. And hallelujah to a little hair dryer or vacuum. Baby Bjorn, I mean who cares if mom has on a cute shirt. We love the ‘baby Koala holding a tree’ look.

Turn offs: 4-6 AM. Firm hugs from big brother. Anything warmer than 68 degrees.

The smiles are coming on more, along with patches of light brown hair. Bless my bald babies. He’s honestly an easy baby and I’m ever more in love with his budding personality.

IMG_4729 (2)


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IMG_3860 We are back from our southern adventures in Atlanta. Going away for a week with two kids is some serious business. I knew it’d be “interesting” and the week certainly had its share of adventures.

From gymnasium play dates to a VIP Braves game, we are Disney World tired. I had anxiety over doing stuff with the boys when dad traveled, but no more! I can load everyone up in seconds flat. I am a master multitasker. It was a good slap for me to get outside my comfort zone. Spending 24-7 with my boys was worth every worry and the over-packing.

I even had time to defend my title at a local 5k. But getting up that early, on ET, never again.

It was unbelievable seeing good friends, having play dates, and just hanging out back where I grew up. Taking my boys around places I remember from when I was little was a treat.

Nothing tops forever friends or family.

IMG_3851 IMG_3685 IMG_3595 IMG_3852 IMG_3853 IMG_3752 IMG_3716 IMG_3854 IMG_3857 IMG_3859 IMG_3858 IMG_3862

It Takes A Village…

To get out of the door with two children. Seriously, you singles should enjoy the days of just getting your damn self out of the car. We’ve got strollers, bottles, dummies, sippy cups, changes of clothes, and don’t forget diapers for two. Andrew had a corporate outing at Valley Fair, a small Six Flags, and since admission was free we felt crazy enough to give it a go.

We actually had a blast. Rhys slept the whole time so we got to enjoy Ryder running around. He was too tiny to do a lot of the rides, and we discovered he HATES the rides that buckle him in – which was about all of them. Bless. He was in hog heaven in a place that was basically a giant ball pit. I hosed us all off in Purell on the way home.

We also discovered that people dressed in costumes freak him out. McRough McRuff.


Rediscovering things you did as a kid with a kid is fantastic. You forget how big things are, how loud noises are cool, and how one can be entertained without ANY electronics.







And we’ve just been fallen in love with the weather…







Everything Parents Really Want To Say To People With No Kids: I leave you with a PSA of sorts. We watched this comedian the night before we had Ryder, I’ll never forget it. And now I actually get it.
People with kids have unique challenges. For example, leaving the house. It’s so hard to get out the door with small children that, as a parent, you may have forgotten how easy it once was.

Comedian Michael McIntyre is here to remind you though. And for the non-parents, he has four simple words: You may think you know, but seriously, “YOU HAVE NO IDEA.”

Morning Coffee

NFL: New York Giants at Detroit LionsDear NY, you forgot to cover that 10 foot tall beast. The Giants chose to single-cover Lions WR Calvin Johnson last night. Big, MEGA big mistake. Incredibly proud of Stafford for looking seasoned in the MNF opener. Just a few more games to go…

Another royal baby! Sound the horns and queue the best comment from Prince Harry. He sounds pretty down on being bumped for the thrown again.

“I can’t wait to see my brother suffer more and, with any luck, if it’s a girl he’ll suffer even greater,” Harry joked of William becoming a father-of-two. “I’d love to see him try and cope with that.”

Ok, Ok, I’ll take it easy on the PSL and ‘boots in leaves’ pics. 25 Things All Basic White Girls Do During The Fall. My fave, #2 – Filter the shit out of the trees as they change colors.


Still stunned by the US Open final, and how few reporters could pronounce this poor dudes name. Cilic over Nishikori.

Making plans is difficult: A plan used to be simple: you would agree to meet someone at a certain time and place and then you would meet them there and then. Now, a plan is subject to all sorts of revisions because “cellphones make people flaky as #%@*”.

Experience the power of a bookbook. Well played Ikea.

Jeebus – did someone pass the plate at a Nascar race? Folks raised over $13M in a kickstarter campaign for THIS – COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that’s Actually Cooler

Life Is A Sport

If you follow me on anything, you’ll notice that I’ve taken up enjoying any and all outdoor activity while on maternity. What do you expect? Being able to run in this amazing summer weather is not something I’m taking for granted. You might also notice that the family is always outside doing something.

This past weekend Andrew knocked out a triathlon, .5 mile swim, 13 mile bike ride and 5K run. (the swim was enough to scare my pants off) He didn’t have a ton of time to train but he’d get in a run here and swim there when he could. He came in 1st in his age group and 5th out of 320+. Yea, family is uber proud.


Fairly obvious that we like to stay active and competitive.

As far as how I’ve been moving these past few weeks…Rhys was a summer babe, which means I was able to keep active right up until I popped and picked it back up shortly after. I listened to my body probably more than my dr. I’ve had family and friends ask me if I should be doing this or that, but the only thing I have really done is gone by how I’m feeling. Honestly, I don’t feel a day is complete without breaking a sweat, be it for 5 minutes or 50. I started slowly back on the cycling trainer, worked up to a sloth-like jog and my body finally clicked back after about 5 weeks. We have a treadmill and a cycling trainer indoors, and on days where it’s gross outside I can get something in while Rhys naps. You have to make activities a priority. Working out is on my list, just like cleaning the house.


Trust me when I say I’ve reached ridiculous points of exhaustion and working out has helped keep my mind focus while letting out some narly post-pregnancy hormones. I wasn’t this active with Ryder, not sure if it’s the seasons or running after a 1 1/2 year-old. My other motivator is definitely Andrew. Everyone needs a good push now in then, keeps you from making excuses.

That’s us, keeping busy.