I can’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast.



Running around like a wild turkey this week. We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, and while Andrew is a damn good cook it’s still a LOT of planning. Tons of cooking, and I need time to bake. Debating if I add pretzels and popcorn, Peanuts style. I’ve been to Target every.day. Yep. Some planner.

We’ll gobble job and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It will be fun this year since Ryder “gets it” and will get a kick out of the floats. Favorite part of the parade has to be when Santa shows up — CHRISTMAS babes!

Bears, Lions. Oh my.

Rivals week at my house. Rye “woofs;” certainly don’t hear him “buzzing.”

Did someone say ski trip?

The boys are full on. It’s fracking adorable when Rhys-e smiles at Ryder. Rye continues to share toys and tries his best to get Rhys to play with him. He’s pretty darn patient, well they both are.

Threw up some lights and sprinkling in Christmas around the house. I geek out this time of year and it’s awesome having a full family around the tree.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite fun facts, Thanksgiving Eve is the booziest day of the year. You’re stuck with family — enough said.










On My Mind

IMG_5981My grocery shopping list is growing. We’ll be having friends AND family over to our this Thanksgiving. Crazy to think two years ago we had no kids and were wearing party hats in England.
Bring on the Macy’s Parade.
I will be decorating early. Considering I can’t believe it is LATE November!
It’s Christmas shopping time and oh kids do I have a list. I will be THAT gift giver this year.
Obsessed with how the French get their kids to eat.
This scares me.
When you run into an ex. Because you have. And you will. Clammy palms just watching this.
Possibly the best holiday party game?
Finally, I get the Real Humans of NY thing.
One of THE most inventive coffee table books.
I guess I’m glad we don’t live in Buffalo, NY. We get above freezing this weekend!
Bless a good long layover! It’s not Tuesday Night Drinking Club, but we managed what we could in 12 hours.






Four Months New

IMG_5209 (2)
Turn ons: It’s jumparoo season; he’s also a fan of Rhys Island. Best part is when Ryder moves all the toys for him, instant entertainment! He’ll hold on to whatever lands in his hands for dear life. Bottles, more bottles, and sleep.
Turn offs: Mittens.

He’s cooing, smiling, grabbing whatever he can, jumparooing, holding his melon up, trying to roll those meaty legs over. He’s close to reading. Kidding. I mean every parent will prolly plus-up whatever there kid is doing. Rhys is doing all the normal stuff he should be doing, which now includes drooling. Three to four months is a pretty big jump in skills, he’s out of the puppy phase. Sniffle.

Bring on the solids?

He’s chugging above 50% in weight, height and head. He’s passing Ryder left and right. Survival of the fittest with the second child.

He has a regular gaping mouth look on his face, which we’re affectionately calling, bass mouth.
IMG_5214 (2)

IMG_5242 (2)

IMG_5192 (2)

IMG_5219 (2)

IMG_5197 (2)

IMG_5253 (2)

IMG_5237 (2)

IMG_5194 (2)

IMG_5216 (2)

IMG_5205 (2)

And while all this cuteness was going on…my assistant photographer….
IMG_5196 (2)

IMG_5228 (2)

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Afternoon Tea

To answer your first question, he is super good with a racquet. Smacks a ball across the room, and also has a mean swing. Just ask the puppy.
Second question, that is one of the many fine barn animal noises he makes. My fave is the elephant.
Turns out being on maternity was the best thing that happened to my style. Too much time on Pinterest and Instagram. And the fact I could collect the mail before the hubs came home. mwhahaha.
Y’all, the snow is still here. Ice, still here. Too soon! But I’m still running in it. Turns out they groom trails more than the roads.
Ryder is too damn smart for his own good. Dad and I have to watch what we say and do. OK, more like what we say, especially if you know me:)
The boys are officially playmates. Well, Rhys just observes whatever Ryder waves or does in front of his face. Ryder requests we put Rhys in his jumperoo or in Rhys Island so that he has something to play with as well. Freaking adorable.
Is Gurley back this weekend? I’m not sure. Can’t remember.
This weekend is going to be ridiculous for many reasons….
Seriously, thank you NYT, “Carrie Mathison of β€˜Homeland’, My Former BFF.” Spoiler alert, her hair!! How?!
Ryder’s birthday party planning is in full mode, only because a friend pressured me into buying the most incredible-stupid thing ever. Thank you TAFF! We can still have fun with a winter birthday!
Hey, what happened to sending letters? Text messages? Emails? I love mailing cards. Tell the people you care about the important stuff. Stay in touch. Be human.
I’m baking, and baking. You wait. I’ll share, promise!

On My Mind


I’m completely in the holiday spirit. I’m trying to take it easy on Christmas music but I just can’t help myself.
Beyond busy in the best way.
How is it mid November and how in this world do I almost have a 2-year-old on my hands?
Nothing like unseasonal highs to be followed by unseasonal lows. I was ready for snow but not this ready. Plus side, Rye loves the snow and it has been awesome to watch him “get it.” From sledding, to jumping, to snowman he’s all over it. Pronounced, “No”
I’ve sampled way to much cake, all for a good cause.
Rhys continues to build his personality and charm everyone. Cooing is totally a form of communication around my house.
Holiday cards are done. I’m officially one of those people now. I’m already trying to get my shopping in order, what’s wrong with me??
Lance Armstrong’s “Stop At Nothing” documentary I’m guessing wasn’t OK’d by Lance. Listening to his speeches after the Tour wins makes you grimace. It’s uncomfortable to watch. The doc proves what an epic manipulator he was, but it also shows some people still driving the bitter bus. See for yourself.
If you want your babes to smile for pictures. Do nothing, say nothing. Just snap.
I finally finished Frozen. I think I teared up almost the whole movie at the most dumb times. I believed the hype!
So UGA, no black jerseys?
“If you cannot forgive and forget, pick one.” ~Robert Brault
















Leftover Halloween Candy


What else do you do with two boys? Olaf and Kritoff were a strong second.
This might be my last chance to put Rye in what I want him to wear. Batman was a little standoffish of his costume at first, but once he got the hang of the outfit he was flying around. His school took the kids trick-or-treating in the morning, and melt my world. It was fun to see him get the hang of grabbing candy. This boy is not shy!
Trick-or-treating Halloween night was awesome. He had a such a good time. After we took him around our block he helped hand out candy. At one point we looked around and he had wondered back on the sidewalk and was walking up to our neighbor’s house. MORE candy. So we took him around the block again. His fluffy winter hat probably didn’t help his disguise.
We managed to get him to say “trick or treat” a few times, and dad fed him candy.
Definitely a solid start to the holidays.