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Finding a clock for the bedroom is freaking hard. I hate clocks. Reminding me I’m late, the ticking is annoying, or telling me “hey, did you know you’re up with a baby at this hour?”
I don’t wear enough necklaces. Probably because I can’t get out the door without me having to give it to Rye.
Magic has returned to my house, Ryder sleeps IN now and Rhys pops up around 7. Thank you sweet Jesus.
Roo has me heart rate training…and I love it. I hated his guts for making me try it (tweaked knee = no running). We are way too competitive. Suunto is my new love-to-hate-it app.
Who do you go see 50 Shades of Grey with?
My baby is growing out of the puppy phase and I cannot stand it.
I signed up for Groovebook. Pics aren’t the best quality, but I think it will only get better (Shutterfly just acquired the start-up) and I can’t complain for $3 a month. You don’t want to know how many pics I take.
Having not seen a single Oscar nominated flick; I realize I am a parent.
Currently obsessed with Episodes. It grows on you.
Rye has been calling me “mom.” Please see earlier statement about Rhys not being a baby.
The Flat White, survey says: Meh.
Coconut Oil?! Lets do this!
Deflating balls? How bad do folks really hate the Pats? Get over yourself. Pulling for Mr Brady myself. Michigander, and a class act.
Another sick babe this week makes me want to buy stock in medical masks and move my parents.
Good neighbors make ALL the difference.












Six Months New

IMG_5854 (2)
Turn ons: All types of fruits, and oatmeal. He’ll eat veggies, but those are no fun. I feel bad when he makes the “I just sucked on a lemon face.” He’s a hungry hippo. Rhyse polishes a big bottle and still has room for solids. This kid is thick. He adores Indiana Jones. Indy will probably be the reason this guy starts moving early. Anytime the pup is in the room Rhys is locked in, just watching wherever he goes. They have a different bond that Indy and Rye. Perhaps because Ryder has now learned how to chase Indy…

Turn offs: Laying down. He likes to be upright, be it jumping, standing, or sitting. If he’s lying down he’s scooting or rolling all over the place. Teething blows. Signs of the top two teeth are here, and it’s taking forever to get them in.

This babe is 84% in height, and 39% for weight. I don’t know how I actually feel about these % because Ryder is all over the place. He’s lobster crawling and will wiggle in the walker. Hello? Where is my baby?

Rhys is showing his personality and it’s crazy to already notice the difference in the boys. Rhys is incredibly laid back and very social. He is absolutely fine as long as someone is in the room with him.

What can I say, we’re madly in love. I’m holding on to the baby phase as long as possible. I’ll chuck him in bed with us if he gets fussy in the middle of the night. I cannot get enough cuddles. It just goes by too fast.

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FYI: Winter is suppose to be cold

It’s been a week that has felt like two folded into one.
The boys are finally healthy and back on track; with Rhys growing up way too fast. Little manages his own bottle, he’s starting to scoot, it’s crazy. Rhys adores Indy, who Rye now affectionately calls “Inny.” Ryder really does his best to play with his little bro, and Rhyse lights up and giggles right back at him – even when he’s being smushed. Or say covered in stickers. That was awesome.
I miss a snowstorm. Did I say that? We have a light dusting, but if it’s going to be cold it should be full-on winter. And my snowblower needs to see some action!
Pleased as punch that the Cowboys were hit by the Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions karma train. Is Dez really a nice guy? Really?
We have a vacation on the horizon, and as soon as stop panicking about the boys I’ll be ready to relax.
Meanwhile, both of our heads are in a million different places. January is confusing.




















Ready, Steady, Go

We’ve been skiing. We’ve been enjoying winter. By the way, the 10 degree posts I saw all morning were adorable. Y’all call me when the real feel is -25 and you drive home in “blizzard” conditions. Another Thursday in the midwest.


This weekend, I’m going to be the biggest Packer fan. I cannot seriously want to SCREAM get over the absolute sh*t show that was the Detroit v. Cowboys game. I give it 5 years when Romo is in a wheelchair and Jerry Jones is paying his medical bills. HURL. If you watch Showtimes “Inside the NFL” pay close attention to the poise our boy Matty Stafford showed. “Congratulastions.”

And my FIL’s tickets to the Detroit v. Packers game were ridiculous. I would have probably exploded at the on-field experience and row 1 of the 40-yd-lane. Or been arrested for harrassment.



I think the family might need a mulligan this week. Both boys were hit hard by cold and flu season; and turns out those sweet sick cuddles from a baby can lead to your own self getting sick. I’m just shy of sending in Morgan Freeman to help out (please get that reference). As I manage the loads of laundry, enjoy…














Resolute Resolutions

2015…here we are.


I wish I could say I’ve whipped up a dozen resolutions, when in reality I could probably scrounge up a few. I’m feeling rather lethargic post holiday and have my eye on some key dates this year to hopefully get in a little family relaxation.

What I want most this year is to be present. To be in the moment. These babies burst with personality each and every day and I’m afraid I’m going to blink and miss it. Even this silly site, for those that wonder why I over-share or why I care to share, is because I want to create a memory book of my best moments. Even if the moments are only of pictures or random thoughts for that day.

I also want to acknowledge change. I am not the person I was last year or thankfully years ago. There are moments were I literally want to slap myself when I think about the antics I pulled in high school or the way I acted in college. As Andrew and I have lived away from close family and friends we’ve made new relationships and we’ve had bonds with those from home grow stronger. As I’ve become a mother I’ve seen good friends become great friends and also great friends slide away. We are all at different points in our lives, in our journey. It’s important to remember what others are going through, and why people float in and out of our lives at certain times. To me, there is nothing better than knowing you have a friend you can call and pick up right where you left off, no matter the time in between. Guys are much better at this, women tend to hold on to things (for better or for worse). I’m not looking to change in 2015, but looking to acknowledge that everyone is free to change and sometimes it’s a good thing they do. I want to look at 2015 with gratitude and know that without change there could never be growth.

β€œChange is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” ~Glenda Cloud