Sweet Cheeks

Let’s be honest. I’ve been incredibly busy and this place has become a gigantic snoozefest. Oh, more pictures of babies? Exhilarating.
Once I come up from the mounds of laundry from the weekend (two sick wee ones, yea!), I owe you one. For now, happy super late Valentine’s Day.



















Seven Months New

IMG_5907 (2)Turn ons: Raspberries. Lots and lots of blowing raspberries. We’ve mastered the art of sitting, and now we’re happiest propped-up standing on something. [standing, I don’t want to talk about it, sniffle.] He’s lobster crawling more aggressively these days, or just turning his poor crazy self in a circle. A cute, confused circle. This mini fridge can’t get enough food. He loves my veggie/fruit smoothies. Takes two spoons, one so he doesn’t have to wait on me. Still obsessed with the dog. He adores music. When Rye’s bedtime show comes on, Rhys lights up at the songs. The babe definitely has good energy.

Turn offs: That five seconds when he sees the bottle but it’s not yet in his mouth. It’s like time stands still for him.

We’ve said our fist word…dada. That’s OK I got Ryder. And “mama” finally slipped out once. I think he’ll say Indy before me. Other fun facts — Rhys is bald as the day is long. That melon is going to take a lot of hair to cover. He still loves to furrow his brow. My favorite bedtime trick of his, typically right as I am drifting off to sleep it sounds like someone is walking on the roof. Honestly, this kid kicks the mattress so hard I bet you can hear it in space. He’s a night ninja. Yea, go with it.

Ryder has taken his spot as the doting big brother. He’s honestly really good with Rhys. We went through a phase where Rye assumed Rhys could catch things, but dinosaurs to the face have stopped – for the most part. Playtime makes the hours fly by. They are definitely mates. When they make each other laugh, it tickles me even more.

Once Rhys started sitting up with more grace and ease it’s made things exponentially easier. I cannot believe he’s 7 months, gone by pretty damn fast. I smell his head all the time, and will chuck him in bed with us if he gets fussy. These are the sweet moments. I love a little tiny hand resting on my face; we all sleep better, I don’t care what the books say. Speaking of books, I want to put one on his head. This wee babe is getting big.

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Here, take this extra pair of gloves, my hands are starting to get a little sweaty.

Ah-ha! I vaguely remember what is was like to get a good night’s rest. I had to go a few hundred miles away to learn that valuable lesson. Park City + besties = a much needed, well overdue vacation. My parents were beyond kind enough to come watch the babes for a long weekend. Seriously, the coordination of getting family up to MN to help out was nothing short of planning for the Pope’s arrival. (from 3AM airport drop off to a 4-page manifest for the wee ones) I think we all enjoyed our respective trips.
The Canyons were a beautiful place to ski, and there was some decent snow. We had one kind of crap day, but the full-day of glorious sunshine completely made up for it. I have certainly accepted the fact that this girl needs a proper ski lesson. My double-black diamond husband does not appreciate my double-blue meltdowns. Roo’s idea of a ski adventure is climbing up a mountain and skiing down it on untouched snow. He did this like 4 times, while I do a Disney World loop and felt it exhausting to ride the ski lift.
There were Sundance leftovers, a leftover QB spotting, a good bit of nice wine, too much ice cream, and not enough time on the slopes.
Beyond thankful most of all for spending time with some amazing friends.