9 Months News

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Turn ons: Mom. At last, a mama’s boy. He also adores food, almost too much. We’re working on knowing when to bow out and turn down that last puff. He’s trying all sorts of stuff, but muffins are the front-runner. He’s been enjoying the weather and bike rides. MOVING. He has to be moving, crawling, scooting, pulling up.

Turn offs: Being inside. This kid will bolt for any signs of an open door. We never really had to whip out the baby gate for Rye, but Rhys makes me want to put up something that has reinforcements. He has no fear.

Rhys is going to be the babe that raises my blood pressure. He is absolutely adventurous and often leads Ryder to trouble. He’s quick, some might say stealthy. While the boys honestly play great together, can’t believe so soon, Rhys can hold his own. When Rye goes to grab something, Rhys is quick to hold his ground or get it back. We have a pop-up tent/tunnel thing and the boys play really well in, that was cool to see.

This little refrigerator keeps us busy. He’s 80% almost across the board. He’s long but lean. He’s in 12+ plus clothes and it’s driving me nuts because I missed the window of some cute stuff Ryder had. Dad accidentally gave Rye’s 2T shorts to Rhys’ teachers at school; when Rhys wore them home it wasn’t until I changed him I noticed he had on Ryder’s pants. Seriously, baby bulldozer.

From watching his older brother so much, Rhys is naturally inquisitive. He has a quiet demeanor but he’s fully engaged in everything. The only time this kid stops in his tracks is when music comes on.

I am having a hard time coping with the fact this bruiser is almost a year. Seriously, where did the time go?

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