11 Months New

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Turn ons: Stacking, snacking machine. He loves talking to everybody. Hello, goodbye. Always with a massive smile. He’s a sweet kisser… To everyone and Indy. He’s super helpful when you ask for things, and he’ll find your nose in case you misplace it. Already received a note from school, he dumps all his toys and picks them all up. He’s the most organized 11-month-old. He’ll clean up after Ryder, this two kid thing is really working out. We’re entertaining walking, but taking it slow.

Turn offs: Going down stairs. Rumors of bottles going bye bye.

Hands down the hardest photo shoot. He refused to stay put.

We’ve discovered the joys of FaceTime. He’s digging Sesame Street songs, Cookie Monster is his favorite, followed closely by Sprout’s Chica. Very cool to see his independence coming through. He’s has the happiest demeanor.

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It’s A Small World After All

Took both babes to Florida and we got to meet their beautiful cousin, Amelia. We also got to see Mickey, Shamu, the ocean, and 100% humidity.

The boys did incredibly well given how we were always schlepping them all over God’s green earth. Rhys had one narly night of teething, and when you don’t want to wake up a house full of people, you and dad take turns going for a stroller ride around the neighborhood at 4AM. Otherwise, they loved the water, the Goofy hats and fishing with papa.

I was floored at how much fun all three kids had together. Sea World was a blast. Mikey took the adults to Discovery Cove – an island oasis where you can swim with the dolphins, or just lounge in your cabana. Oh, it’s also all inclusive. We earned it.

Ryder was definitely a bit too young for Disney, but he did great and still had a lot of stuff he could ride. They get overwhelmed easily with all the voices, characters, and other screaming kids. The photo of Ryder in front of the Epcot “golf ball” was a big deal, because Andrew has the exact same pic, which I didn’t know at the time.

It was a much needed vacation and as crazy as family can be, it was a good reminder that we can’t wait so long to hangout again.


10 Months New

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Turn ons: He loves to put things together. You heard me right, he’ll take apart things and put them back together. Blocks, rings, gears, he’s an inquisitive little bald guy. Signing came weeks ago and it’s awesome to see him get excited and express things. He’s typically always eating. Always. I am not sure how to fill his love tank. He’s not a huge chunker, evened out, super long and lean (and way bigger than Rye). Still adores Indy, bad breath and all.

Turn offs: Teething has been the biggest a**hole. He decided to go from 2 to 8 overnight. I honestly feel for him, he was miserable for a bit. He now hates for me to feed him, so he’s on his own to shovel things right down the hatch.

Slowly watching my baby grow up. I love and hate this independence thing. He keeps a close eye on his big brother, which means we’re itching to walk. They love to play cars, it’s adorable.

My favorite, favorite thing about this kid is his laugh. Everyone tells us about it, he just has the cutest giggles.

Wanna see something funny – check out Ryder’s 10 month update. Ugh, can’t even.

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