Current obsession.
Amy Schumer, you have my heart. Now this film is gonna be gooood.
Stop before that next selfie and reflect.
Job hunting/moving killed my writing vibe.
July is my FAVORITE month, after December. Maybe it’s not my favorite month?
Each night, hours of The Tour de France. Team Sagan, stud. Really, Lance?
Charlie Brown v Daisy Duke.
What’s your soul? Whether you find it right, if you find it wrong, it’s polarizing. Caitlynn Jenner is a trailblazer and I am in awe of the way her story has captivated everyone.
It’s good to have time again.

Georgia. Rhymes With Mom & Dad.

It’s true. We’re packing up the honeywagon and heading south!


Married 7 years, moved 6 times. Andrew 5, Me 1. Yep, moving for mama’s job. No pressure, right? Raising wee ones and keeping a gig is, interesting. Everybody envies what the other has. Mom v Mom.

We are flight risks wherever we go. I’m nervous. I’m excited. I’ve wanted to puke for the past month. If we could pluck our Minnesota home and plop it down in Georgia we would have in a heartbeat. The charm, the location, the people. It’s darn near perfect.


Finding a home in Atlanta was beyond stressful. You worry about the location. (A coworker asked me what there was to do for fun in Atlanta. I know there aren’t as many lakes, but come on.) You worry about schools. Turns out we had to look at how impressionable Ryder is and make some tough calls. We forgot about the hills in Georgia; Minnesota is a pancake. Lots of nuances to an area that I thought I knew. You’re also talking to me in the summer when Minnesota is just showing off.

In the end, we landed a beautiful home. Andrew was pretty pissed none too chuffed about me posting a pic. Staging and professional photography go a long ways. I asked the realtor to sprinkle some Fisher Price crap everywhere to get a true feel for how the house would look.

It will be the craziest of times again, and I’m trying to keep it together. Everything will align as it should, but I think I’ll need some time to reflect and understand that perspective.

But for now, we got the house with the tub.




Nothing gonna get me in my world

Ever need a hot second to just breathe? It’s almost mid-July, I almost have a one-year-old, and we’re almost going through another crazy time in our lives.

July might be one of my favorite months – Wimbledon and The Tour de France. Slow mornings with those sports on in the background = bliss. The weather here has been hot, but we get a night or two where you’re comfy in long sleeves and shorts. Pretty perfect if you ask me. And let’s be honest, my hair rejoices when the humidity is low.

Our dynamic duo continues to amaze us. Can’t smack the smile off our faces. The soundtrack to Rhys singing and Ryder striking up the funniest conversations. We are surrounded by cars and Rhys is loving anything you stack or organize. I think we’ll get him Tupperware for his birthday. We are slowly regaining our living space, Jumperoos, squishy mats, all being slowly tucked away.  

Never a quiet, dull moment in our place. When the kids go down, Andrew and I both swap glances and pass a non-verbal, “we did it, another good day in the books.” Immediately on to wine.

Looking forward to some family visits and more birthday celebrations!