If You Need Me

 I’ll be …
Getting up early and staying out late to catch every ounce of this sun and warmth.
Looking for Halloween costumes — plan a is now plan c. What happens when your eldest loves cars, trucks, and animals.
Having chats with my bestie in traffic, because Atlanta.
Debating how to balance my sh*t. Being mom AND dad is hard, rewarding, and surreal.
Paddle boarding until I fall in. Water is cold, I’m not. Hanging in there, or up.
Eating Cheetos at 10PM.
Dreaming about England.
Planning a vacation
Planning birthday partieS. I made the mistake of telling Rye that his birthday was coming up back in SEPTEMBER, this was after he kept seeing bday stuff and wishing Rhys a happy birthday. Now, he’ll tell complete strangers, “I have a birthday coming up.” Hilarious. What he wants? A big cake, candles, balloons.
Pretending I’m the Annie Leibovitz of toddler photography.
Binging on Homeland, Refinery 29 and Inside the NFL.
Crying over Michigan’s loss.
Counting my blessings instead of sheep.

Watch Me Whip

or just watch me. it’s not fair when your brother is a graphic designer/illustrator.


And yes. I love it. It’s completely ridiculous but helps me keep up with the munchkins, shortcuts, and the phone is sweet. The workout function is one I’m tinkering with; I don’t think I’ll ever break-up with my Garmin. I’ve taken it running, cycling and supping, it’s been fine. Not perfect, but good enough because I’m not hardcore training for anything. The app feature to pay and use things like my Target Cartwheel in stores is a bonus shortcut when your iPhone is buried in your bag. It’s comfy, smart, and I’m still getting the hang of all the apps to get as much use out of it as I can. It also tells time.