Five Favorites

1. We’re Watching: The welcome return of good ol’ American football. Thankfully the Dawgs, Wolverines, and Lions pulled off the “Ws” this weekend. I missed our announcers, and maybe even Vern.


2. We’re Working On: We’ve kicked off our first official home improvement project. Fortunately, we only needed to paint one room in the new digs; unfortunately, it’s Ryder’s room. They may as well have painted the darn thing black. It’s a deep purple, which means it requires 25 gallons of primer.


3. We’re Obsessing Over: Hard work. The hubs has been cycling all over the city and I’ve been hauling my personal trainer around. Between moving, running around Rye, and finding a gig, I managed to come in under my pre-college weight. I believe in miracles. Evidently there is a freshman 15 at work, so I’ll be hitting up my morning workouts again.


4. We’re Busy With: Getting back into routine has actually been a welcomed change. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about leaving toddler clay at daycare, but I am happy to be firing on all cylinders again. I think. I am in love with the new gig and the fact I’m working on things I truly am passionate about. Andrew continues to remind me about the wonderful blessings of 401k and paying for college.

5. We’re Listening To: “Sing Loud” by Alpha Rev. Fleet Foxes meets Lumineers?

What’s new with you?