And Called It Macaroni

Considering I have been running around full-speed over the past few weeks, it was absolutely glorious to enjoy a relaxing long weekend. It’s hot and humid here (no really, like 90). But it’s summer people! We managed to submerge Rye in all sorts of water activities from splash parks (which are free around here) and lakes to the good ol’ backyard baby pool. BBQ’ing, sunning, running and cycling. Anything to keep us occupied.
Andrew and I have been enjoying a few day dates. It’s great to feel like a normal human belonging to society when we have a chance to escape for an afternoon. The rooftop bars around various neighborhoods and downtown Minne are spectacular. Lakes are everywhere and something about having water nearby is sublime.
The Minnesota 20-Minute Rule. We’re 20 minutes by bike or car from everything we truly care to go frequent, from downtown to the airport.
And can we please talk about the SPORTS. Wimbledon, Tour de France and F1 all in a day? Mind blown. Ryder has taken a natural liking to his racket, thank you pop-pop.
The 4th may not have had as many fireworks as we hoped, but I assure you we’ll make up for that in the coming weeks.












We Should Do More Things Outside

Nothing says friendship like braving Minnesota in the winter. *coldest winter since 1975. Roo and I continue to break records wherever we trek.

We got walloped by a narsty snowstorm just before Linds arrived, so we greeted her with icy roads and a few slippy spots.

– Boots should be functional, but that varies by designer and state
– Drinking warms you up faster than complaining
– Roger Rabbit makes a helluva lot more sense when you’re older
– How do I know all about Frozen even though I’ve never seen it?
– I’m going into the nail polish naming business #igottips
– I like to eat ice cream in 5 degree weather, sneaking around like I stole it
– Ryder makes quite the fashion accessory
– We all sleep with the enemy
– Serve s’mores on time, with chocolate pre-melted
– Team Nana
– Nothing, nothing, nothing beats a great friendship
– We probably talked about you













What do you do under feet of snow and cold “winter” weather. You get out and enjoy it. Greetings winter activities!

The biggest difference I’ve noticed living in MN versus MI is the sunshine. It’s either snowy or sunny. We do get a few gloomy days but for the most part we’re able to take full advantage of the weekend weather.

This week’s adventure, ice skating. You pick up your skates and find one of a dozen open FREE ponds. The one by our place is a country club where the ice is groomed by a little zamboni. Fantastic. I watched Roo practice a little hockey and I was allowed in my shoes on the ice. An afternoon of begging later, I earned my own skates. I haven’t been on the ice in yearrrs. It wasn’t graceful at first but I found my pace. Ryder even made a friend on the ice.

I’m constantly pleasantly surprised at the things to do in this city.









I’m Going To Tell You All A Little Secret

It’s unreasonably unseasonably cold. Having a brother in Florida or family in Atlanta, they flip when it hits below 30.

I have no idea what -12 as a high or -27 as a low feels like. I’m happy to report back. We went skiing in -1 and survived. My feet finally gave in after 3 hours, which is normal. I’ve been running at 4 degrees and was perfectly comfortable. You magically adjust.

But you know what, I love this insane weather. I love FOUR proper seasons, snow on Christmas, skiing in winter, crisp spring runs, summer lake swims, and fall apple farms. We had two straight weeks of 95+ in the summer- we do eventually thaw out.

Andrew has helped me grow into embracing the outdoors for each occasion.

You walk a little faster from the car to a store; don’t wear mascara when you’re running; cover your kid like Joey dressed in all of Chandler’s clothes.

Buy a jacket. Bundle up.


Five Facts From The Minnesota State Fair

You betcha we had a good time. The Minnesota State Fair is epic. We kept hearing about the fair, how we just had to check out the fair, how the food was so amazing at the fair, how much fun people watching is at the fair.

We buckled down and went over the weekend – along with a couple hundred thousand other folks.

In short, mind blown. My takeaways:

1. The State Fair has a permanent location. Yep, it’s the Fair year-round. Must be sad in the winter.
2. Deep fried and on a stick. Those are the rules. The Snickers and bacon had us drooling. Taco in a bag was a fun surprise.
3. People watching.
4. $15 for a tub of Sweet Martha’s Cookies. Sweet Mother at the price. You get about 40, fresh off the baking sheet. It’s quite the set-up this place has. Makes a Keebler Elf blush. Nearby is the “All You Can Drink” milk stand for $1. *Martha was only available at the fair, until recently when she began whoring herself out in the frozen foods section.
5. Performances by everyone from Depeche Mode to Tim McGraw. The Fair is a massive draw for musicians.

There are loads of rides, but when you’re traveling late afternoon with a wee one, you realize your priorities.

It was certainly something that I’ve never seen before, and I’ll probably get suckered into going again next year. If only for more food.





Raspberry Berets & Floats

photo 1 (2)

Minnesota welcomed us with quite the homecoming. We arrived on the same day as the start of the annual Raspberry Festival. There were small things going on over two weeks, with festivities culminating with a race and Mainstreet parade over this past weekend.

I don’t know how I managed to run in the race, considering it was a cluster unpacking all week. I think pushing and lifting my little bowling ball counts for something. Having my two biggest fans cheer me on was super special.

There were fireworks, which made up for our rainy 4th. The finale parade was hilarious cute. Actually a good turnout from the town.

And then we ended the whole moving week with a relaxing day at the beach! Much, very much, needed.

Side-note, we have unpacked everything. Yep, thanks to my OCD better half no box made it to Monday. If it was me, I think we’d still be eating on paper plates.

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (3)

photo 3 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 4 (2)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (3)