Watch Me Whip

or just watch me. it’s not fair when your brother is a graphic designer/illustrator.


And yes. I love it. It’s completely ridiculous but helps me keep up with the munchkins, shortcuts, and the phone is sweet. The workout function is one I’m tinkering with; I don’t think I’ll ever break-up with my Garmin. I’ve taken it running, cycling and supping, it’s been fine. Not perfect, but good enough because I’m not hardcore training for anything. The app feature to pay and use things like my Target Cartwheel in stores is a bonus shortcut when your iPhone is buried in your bag. It’s comfy, smart, and I’m still getting the hang of all the apps to get as much use out of it as I can. It also tells time.

Photo of the Week


*Yes. Iced Coffee season is finally creeping up to the north.
Weekend ahead includes celebrating SIX crazy, fun, adventurous years with my boo.
April showers brings May trips to GA.
Countdown to the beach is officially under a month, hallelujah. I look forward to matching the color of the sand and being the whale that attracts small fishes.

“I hate being kept in the dark…waiting, speculating,…useless.” -Frank Underwood.