Slice of Sunshine

When dad is traveling all week, you seek refuge at sunny, warm places. I’m grateful for a MIL that lets me put a $5 plastic yard ornament in front of her beautiful pool…and fill it with expensive golf balls and Hot Wheels.

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Why we moved into our treehouse…

A river runs through. Seriously.

This past weekend we had another nice hint of spring. The boys spent hours upon hours in our front yard throwing rocks in the river. Being in and close to nature is huge for us, especially with all the demands of being connected to everything electronic. I am looking forward to warmer weather and Keens, but for now it’s boots and the occasional wet bottom.

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Solid As A Rock

This kid is obsessed with rocks. Always has one in each hand. He’ll spend hours attempting throws, and when I tell him it’s time to go, he always carries one or two home with him. We have tiny rock piles all over the house. Not the cleanest habit.


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You’re Good to Grow! So Light the Candles & Blow! Happy, Happy, Birthday To You

Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. – Cecil Beaton
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Rhys is my cool, calm, charming little dude. One look with those big brown chocolate chip eyes and I give in. He was after my heart from day one. Ryder and I are the same sign, which is why it is no surprise that Rhys and I get on a bit differently together.

You’ll find Rhys organizing things around the house. Picking up after Ryder, running after Indy, or opening and closing doors out of curiosity. If one of my children is going to scale Everest, it’s Rhys. He’s happiest climbing or on top of something. The only thing that makes him stop in his tracks, singing. He loves music.

As Rhys gets older, it’s becoming easier to spot the differences in the two boys. Ryder is shy, more reserved kiddo in public; Rhys is the babe that will sing for the doctor, on demand. He knows shapes, colors, key transportation vehicles — his vocabulary is ridiculous. We chose verbal skills over walking. From singing hooks to songs like Old McDonald, to pointing out and saying “airplane” and “car car.”

And his laugh. Folks complimented Ryder as a baby on his gorgeous looks. Rhys is always getting the best compliments on his laughter. He has an infectious giggle, typically brought on by his big brother or any animal that goes by.

For his birthday, after the many celebrations, candles and cakes, I took him to bed like always and after our lullaby I whispered a prayer. I hope he knows how loved, smart, gentle he is. And I pray that he finds his calling and purpose and knows that he is meant for something incredible.

Oh, Rhys-y Piece-y, we are wrapped around those not-so-little hands.

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11 Months New

IMG_6286 (2)

Turn ons: Stacking, snacking machine. He loves talking to everybody. Hello, goodbye. Always with a massive smile. He’s a sweet kisser… To everyone and Indy. He’s super helpful when you ask for things, and he’ll find your nose in case you misplace it. Already received a note from school, he dumps all his toys and picks them all up. He’s the most organized 11-month-old. He’ll clean up after Ryder, this two kid thing is really working out. We’re entertaining walking, but taking it slow.

Turn offs: Going down stairs. Rumors of bottles going bye bye.

Hands down the hardest photo shoot. He refused to stay put.

We’ve discovered the joys of FaceTime. He’s digging Sesame Street songs, Cookie Monster is his favorite, followed closely by Sprout’s Chica. Very cool to see his independence coming through. He’s has the happiest demeanor.

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