Opt Outside

Have you noticed we get out, every single day. Rhys wakes up looking at the tiny river flowing out front and immediately plans his day around how many times he can go throw rocks. Andrew, won’t sit down. Ryder and I would be fine having juice and coffee and watching a morning cartoon, but we’re go go go. Andrew has them hiking a trail by our house. We don’t get too far, but it’

We joke, but one day I’m swinging by Home Depot and grabbing a $2 bag of pea rocks. Have at it. We’ll shake Rhys down at night and rocks fall out of pockets, diapers, etc.

It’s good to explore, get dirty and wonder.



Dad Of The Year


Mom was out of town all week, flew back on a red eye, went to the Dr her first day back and on her second day back got the WORST stomach bug. I was an absolutely wreck. Dad stepped up and took over, about 20 min went by before I realized the house was way too quiet. I ventured downstairs expecting to see Roo’s car gone, but instead I found all my men, and pup, curled up. Andrew never, ever naps. This was it for me.

Solid As A Rock

This kid is obsessed with rocks. Always has one in each hand. He’ll spend hours attempting throws, and when I tell him it’s time to go, he always carries one or two home with him. We have tiny rock piles all over the house. Not the cleanest habit.


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New Year, New Journey

Happy New Year. And a merry belated birthdaymas.

We did things the unconventional way this holiday, and well, it couldn’t have been more festive. It was also 70 degrees, that’s 55 degrees warmer than we had it last year. I would have preferred more seasonal weather, but it was nice to send the kids out of the house without them looking like walking marshmallows.

Santa was good to us, it looks like a Toys R Us yard sale all over my house. And thank you to all friends and family who ignore age requirements on toys, leaving Roo and I to truly have to become kids again. One tradition we’re sticking with, dragging out opening presents. Rather than the 30 min mad dash of opening presents, the family takes their time and we end up spending all day opening gifts. You enjoy everything a bit more, and you get to hang out and savor the Christmas magic. Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year, all that wonderment bottled up for 24 straight hours.

So, what’s with the radio silence? In case you haven’t noticed on any one of my social profiles, I take a crapton of pictures. It’s my thing. I love it. I remember as a kid seeing my dad walking around with a big Nikon camera around his neck, blame my genes, that man kept Kodak in business. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking y’all to death, I’m opting for visuals.

The kids are growing fast, like crazy-can’t-stand-it-fast. I smell Rhys’ head a million times a day, kissing those fat baby cheeks. We’re enjoy the babes being a bit older, able to get our more, they play/entertain each other far better, and personalities are a plenty.

January has been an absolutely whirlwind. Here’s to no signs of stopping in 2016.







Guys, Orlando is fun. Thankful that I have a bro that lives by all the good stuff. We got our sunshine, gameday, Halloween, Shamu and Harry Potter on.

The kids were ACES during the car ride. Before departing I pictured us stopping a dozen times, masses amount of snacks consumed, the boys wiggling out of their car seats, but no — the ride was more relaxing than a trip home from school. Seriously, we stopped once to eat, once to get gas. Nobody tried to runaway. We watched Cars about forty times, but whatever works. I stopped by the dollar bin at Target and kept tossing them the most random crap (sorry don’t judge me later, kids).

Turns out Sea World is a stellar place for kids. 1. It’s free for kids under 2. 2. You can walk around do a ton of stuff, not just rides. 3. It’s free for kids under 2. 4. Rye now eats lettuce because he saw Shamu do it, technically it was a big honking manatee but a big “fish” is a big “fish.”

For Halloween, Rye was Olaf and Rhys was Marshmallow (the snow monster) from Frozen. That was the plan, until Roo opened the door and out popped Batman. Moms plans crushed. Dad fell victim to my devastation. Poor Rhys was running around in a fluffy snow suit in 80 degrees, without his partner in crime. I literally begged Ryder and at the ninth hour he came up to me, whispered, “Mommy, Olaf.” He was Olaf in about 2 sec. GO! Rhys won the cute costume award, melt my damn heart.

Again, thankful to have seen my bro and SIL again another time this year, pretty much lapping the number of times I’ve seen then in the past 3 years. Can’t even deal with my niece, I throw all of my girly wishes on her.

And how is it almost Thanksgiving.





















Fa La La La Fall!

Taken weeks ago, when we still had SUN and 80 degrees.

Ryder looked like a real boy that day. Hard to think he’s 2. Rhys…definitely my precocious wee one.

1. I didn’t ask them to kiss, swear.
2. They were all OVER the place until I told them it was time to leave for lunch – hands were held and Rye politely escorted Rhys out, “It’s lunchtime.” Priorities.

IMG_6432 (2)

IMG_6462 (2)

IMG_6480 (2)

IMG_6488 (2)

IMG_6437 (2)

IMG_6446 (2)

IMG_6526 (2)

IMG_6508 (2)

IMG_6490 (2)


If You Need Me

 I’ll be …
Getting up early and staying out late to catch every ounce of this sun and warmth.
Looking for Halloween costumes — plan a is now plan c. What happens when your eldest loves cars, trucks, and animals.
Having chats with my bestie in traffic, because Atlanta.
Debating how to balance my sh*t. Being mom AND dad is hard, rewarding, and surreal.
Paddle boarding until I fall in. Water is cold, I’m not. Hanging in there, or up.
Eating Cheetos at 10PM.
Dreaming about England.
Planning a vacation
Planning birthday partieS. I made the mistake of telling Rye that his birthday was coming up back in SEPTEMBER, this was after he kept seeing bday stuff and wishing Rhys a happy birthday. Now, he’ll tell complete strangers, “I have a birthday coming up.” Hilarious. What he wants? A big cake, candles, balloons.
Pretending I’m the Annie Leibovitz of toddler photography.
Binging on Homeland, Refinery 29 and Inside the NFL.
Crying over Michigan’s loss.
Counting my blessings instead of sheep.